The Sandbox is a community-driven platform where creators can monetize voxel ASSETS and gaming experiences on the blockchain
How can I be part of The Sandbox Game ?

You can use my personal referral link
To register in the official site !
You'll find both free softwares:
VoxEdit -With which you can create and animate your personal NFT assets !
The Game Maker - That allows you to create and share your personal experience !

What are LANDS ?
The Sandbox Metaverse is made up of LAND, which are parts of the world, owned by players to create and monetize experiences. There will only ever be 166,464 LANDs available, which can be used to host games, build multiplayer experiences, create housing, or offer social experiences to the community
How can I get a crypto wallet ?
In order to fully enjoy The Sandbox universe you need to get a cryptocurrency wallet, here's a guide for who of you doesn't already have one !

How can I get updates of The Sandbox Game ?
You can sign up for the newsletters
And follow the official social media:
And the Discord Server ! 

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